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15 in 2015 Project #3

You have to know something about me and this project.. I absolutely LOVE Plants vs Zombies. It was the first game I downloaded on my kindle last year. Its the cutest game ever.. to me anyway. My fiance and I don’t play enough of it on PS4. The game on kindle is different than on PS4. Β You can move around and explore on a console. Β The kindle version is more side scrolling and tapping the screen. Β Once you get past adventure mode you unlock a bunch of stuff. But this post is not about the game. Sorry :-p

Pattern name Peashooter and Snowpea

Pattern designer: AradiyaToys store

I originally made this little guy (peashooter, snowpea coming soon) for a friend of my fiance’s but she decided she didn’t want it when I was done.. oh well, her loss πŸ™‚ I love him and he looks adorable with my other amigurumi. ( the ones next to the pea shooter were given to me from swaps)

Β I plan to make the whole set soon. Probably next year. This was a fun and easy pattern to work with.

Hook used: F (3.75)

Yarn used : Red heart Spring green and Paddy Green


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