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15 in 2015 project #1

I wanted to share my 15 in 2015 project list. I pulled these projects from my patterns I bought on, my favorite place to share , get new projects and see what others have made.

I have about 116 patterns paid for. most of them are from next to nothing sales. I will not share that number ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is project 1. Angela’s Hat Band.

Pattern designer… ( one of my faves) Snappy Tots .

I made this for my fiance for when he has to walk home from work on the colder days. Its suppose to keep the ears warm for people who like to where baseball caps. ย Jon only wore it a few times. He said he didn’t want to lose one of his favorite hats ( Gears of War) at work.

Come back for project #2, Tea Cup bunting