A Year of Projects · Crochet stuff · WIPS

YOP5 week 23

This past week has been productive. I finished up a big order of Dr. Who related items. Can’t share yet. I made them exclusively for my friend Traci over at Blue Box Balm.

I also finished this wicked awesome Santa hat! This was a pretty simple pattern to follow. I added it to my etsy shop and I am hoping that someone buys one ( or 2 🙂 ) so I can make more 🙂  The one below is MINE!! 🙂 hehe

I made the dress and apron for the Alice in Wonderland doll. The apron just needs a few more things before being 100 % finished. Arms and legs are this coming week!

I just don’t know when to stop making more projects, Below I have started a pattern by Snappy tots .  Hooded Cookie Scarves. The one I am making is the snowman version. She also had a gingerbread boy/girl version. So cute!

This was last night. Both snowman pockets have been finished, I just didn’t take another photo.


It feels like I am forgetting something….. that’s gonna bug me all day.

For this week:

Finish all WIPS. theres the ones above, the Snoopy scarf ( I want to make a dancing snoopy hat and a woodstock hat to go with the scarf)

Totoro purse. he needs eyes, a nose and ears.

Christmas Wreath square.

And the Gingerbread Stocking I showed last week. I’ve noticed that I make a new stocking each year I’ve been crocheting, 4 years.

Start the Christmas lights garland by Repeat Crafter Me.

AND LASTLY…. If anyone wants to play a little scavenger hunt with me.. its on my facebook page. No one wants to play… thanks facebook.

Make sure you leave a comment so I know you where here! :)

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