A Year of Projects

A year of projects year 5..Impatiently Waiting

Only a week and a halfΒ until the start of year 5. My list needs to be shrunk down. I know already I will not have enough time so make all those projects.

My hook challenge is back. This year I have a theme. Seasonal / Holiday. There are about 2 -4 projects per hook. I think I have something for each season. Its a fun list, unlike my last list. I switched out so many patterns. I have one item left on my current challenge list. D hook.

My main list will consist of items for my shop ( besides hats) , Amigurumis , a few clothing items for me and more. I spent days going through projects on Ravelry , mainly my library and favorites.

I will be teaching myself how to knit, dye yarn and crochet left handed. Also taking a few projects out of hibernation. I will be finishing the Broadway Blanket and Boston Bruin blanket and maybe start another one.

I really don’t think I will have enough yarn for all this. A few items on my main list I will have to purchase the pattern so I will have to determine what my budget will be for patterns and yarn.

If anyone is interested in joining me in the hook / needle challenge I will be posting more info this week. I have something written down, Β I just need to find that piece of paper πŸ™‚ It’s pink so it won’t be hard to find. I hope.


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