A Year of Projects

YOP4 week 44

I worked on a few things this week…. were they all part of my YOP list? Sorta 🙂

Mostly stash busting a few projects and and 15 in 2015 project. ( paid patterns )

I am inlove with the African flower hex pattern by Heidi Bears

With these ( and many more ) I may make a bag.

( I used my Hermione Granger  wand G crochet hook by Puka Pey )

Soon this will be a lady bug garden flag ( Pattern by Snappy Tots )

This rug is actually on my YOP list!

I needed a rug for my porch for my feet. Concrete sucks. This is also a stash bust. I had a really big skein of this orange and pink bulky yarn that I had no idea what to make with. This took me about an hour to make with my N hook. Its not the best looking thing but it works 🙂


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