A Year of Projects

YOP4 week 43 update

Less than 10 weeks to go!

Am I finished with my list? NOOOOOOOO 😦  Its not even a long list. But I do believe I will be finished by the end of the 52 weeks.

What have I finished…..

Mario Blanket 

Hook challenge



F- Danish Heart

G- Breast Cancer Awareness Bag 

H- Jingle Jangle Stocking 


J- With Hope Scarf

K- Cabled Baguette 



Ive started the Boston Bruins blanket and the Broadway blanket

I am almost done with the squares.

Will be The Sound of Music

Ive added new hats to my etsy shop.. Yoshi, Baymax, a lady bug and Sponge Bob. more will be added.

I also finished the 3 amigurumis

I have 2 WIP amis I want to finish so maybe I will challenge myself to 5 Ami 🙂

Here is my list

Thanks for visiting! ❤


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