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U is for..


My freshman year in high school I got the opportunity to be an usher at PPAC ( Providence Performing Arts Center)  for Phantom of the Opera. 🙂

My English teacher was a volunteer  usher at night and was able to bring a few of his students with him when there was a performance the PPAC. He had a sign up sheet on the chalk board for his freshman and junior students.

My friends Heather and Valerie signed up for Phantom of the Opera. We were joined by another freshman ( not in our class) and his brother who was a junior.

It was an easy and fun night. We were assigned a small area on the second floor and all we had to do was show ticket holders to their seats. We didnt have seats of our own so to watch the performance we sat on the stairs . I had a blast!! I was in choir( since the 7th grade)  and was a bit envious of the amazing talent.

The day after I went to the mall and bought a Phantom of the Opera cd! I couldn’t stop listening to it. ( I still have that CD) . My mom and a friend of hers bought tickets before the last night and she loved it too. She also bought a cd since I wouldn’t share mine 🙂

I wish I would of signed up for more performances.

I'm the one in the middle.
I’m the one in the middle.

That picture is so bad..lol


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