A- Z blog challenge

R is for…

Random , useless info 🙂

I like to do laundry. No joke. I really like doing it.

It stared when I was about 17. My grandmother hurt her shoulder and couldn’t lift anything. So I stated doing our laundry. It was easy and dun. Just put clothes into the washer,add detergent and fabric softener,  when done put them in the dryer and then fold.

I don’t see how people can mess that up 🙂 Its not time consuming to separate dark colors from light.

Matching socks is not challenge for me. And I have never lost a sock! yay me..lol  🙂 My grandmother use pin socks together to make it easier to match. I realize that the pin leaves a rust mark on the sock. so I have never used her method.

Say I am weird, I dont mind 🙂


My dream laundry area!

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