A- Z blog challenge, Wedding Bound

N is for…


The only word that wont get my fiances eyes to bug out. When I mention the word wedding or ceremony he spazes . I have to reassure him that I havent planned this big over the top event.

We agreed on small  (very small). Ive posted about the wedding  nuptials a few times on this blog.

With him and I both being sick this past few weeks with the cough from hell and with so much to get done and pick up before the intended wedding date ( the end of this month) we decided to push back the union a few months. July. May is a bad luck month and I never wanted to be a June bride. My older cousin’s anniversary is that month , with another cousin’s in May and a younger cousin getting married June 2016, I’d rather have my own month.  🙂

We are low key people. We like simple.

So now July will be here before we know it, like April was. What do we have to do? Well for one.. I need a RI id.Yup I’ve lived here for 4 years and I have no proof except for the mail I get. The DMV is not fun.

Second we have to get our marriage licence. In RI we can get married the same day the licence is issued. But we aren’t in that much of a rush.  Another important to do is getting our rings.

Wow we are so behind!

We also need to make an appointment with the justice of the peace at the town hall.

Why are the smallest things a pain? 🙂


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