A- Z blog challenge

M is for…


‘Just a  Massachusetts girl living in a Rhode Island world’. I saw that on a t shirt on Facebook a few days ago. Its so true.

I was born and raised in a small town near the RI boarder . It use to be called “the Jewelry capital of the world” for its many jewelry manufacturers .

Ive lived in Florida for a few years. came back…. moved back for a few more years and now I am back. Ive lived in RI for about 4 years now. Missing MA.

I’m a proud MASShole ! 🙂

Favorite hockey team: the Boston Bruins!

Favorite baseball team: the Red Sox!

Favorite island: Martha’s Vineyard

Favorite aquarium: New England Aquarium

Favorite Park and zoo: Capron Park.

Favorite Place to people watch: Boston Common.