A- Z blog challenge

D is for…

Note: Always consult a doctor before starting any exercise or major diet plan.

Diet do’s and don’ts ( tips on how I plan to lose the 40 lbs I gained in the past 5 years.)

Caffeine was a big one for me to give up. I drank alot of soda.  It only took a few days of painful Dheadaches to kick. I switched to diet weight watchers soda for the taste.It has no caffeine and no sugars, no calories or fat.  I’ve cut back on that, now I drink more water ( fruit 2.0) . I’ve lost 13 lbs in a few weeks with just kicking my caffeine habit. I’ve always ate fruit now I eat more instead of chips when I watch tv at crochet at night.

I haven’t stopped eating what I love , I just stopped eating so much. I have more salads.. with romaine lettuce and dressing with less calories.

We ( I ) eat less red meat .. well I cook less red meat . My hubby to be doesn’t seem to mind. He loves when I make chicken meatballs. 🙂

I even walk more. Now that its starting to warn up here. My hubby to be and I love to go hiking. We didn’t do much last year so I look forward to  making him get off his butt and away from his computer.

With less than 30 lbs to go to reach my goal, I believe I can do it.