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C is for …

Charity, Cancer, Comfort Caps for New England. All 3 are connected.

When my mom passed away from Brain Cancer 4 years ago I wanted to do somethinCg for cancer patients going through chemo. A crochet friend of mine made my mom a cap after she had her surgery . And I thought that would be a sweet idea to pay forward.

I looked round a little bit and chose Halos of Hope. I became a partner and started my own chapter for Halos of Hope. It was called Halos of Hope : New England. Halos of Hope was started by Pam Hashke. She won her fight against Breast Cancer and started Halos of Hope. We make and send out caps to cancer centers to hopefully help patients cope with hair loss.

Halos of Hope: NE sends caps to center in all 6 states. Thats lot of caps!

A few months ago I expanded to help more people. But under the Halos of Hope name I couldn’t so I changed my group name to Comfort Caps for New England. I still do my part for HOH and I also help out the homeless and burn victims and Vets going through chemo .

I wish I could do more but for right now  this is all I can do.


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