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A is for ….. A-Z blog challenge( a day late)

April snuck up on me. I was all set to participate in the A-Z blog challenge but I have no theme. A theme would make this so much easier than just random post about the next letter of the alphabet.

Wait, my blog does have a theme.. ME. It states at the top that this blog goes beyond the hooks, yarn and looms. Β Its not an interesting theme if you don’t know me . If you read my post everyday or weekly and I bore you … I apologize πŸ™‚

So here we go.. A is for APRIL. yup April. My favorite month. Why? I was born in April. The 9th to be exact. I came out foot first, then butt. And my mom reminded me almost every year of that. πŸ™‚ She use to say I was testing the air first. If it was too cold I’d probably climb back in πŸ™‚ Cold weather is not cool. << that was lame..lol

I love spring. Flowers start pushing through the dirt. Everything starts over, the grass, the leaves in the trees. And the birds sing their sweet songs.

I love getting my small garden ready. But this month it might be a challenge. Since there is still snow on the ground.( insert curse word here) Β The area where my garden is only gets morning direct sun. So the snow isn’t melting as fast as the rest of the yard.

April is when I get married. At the end of the month.. but that is another post. And that same week my first and only so far great niece will be 2 years old. Β  πŸ™‚ April is a good month.

Until next time,


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