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Sharing a diet tip

I am shocked at this result. With barely no exercise other than walking to the post office and store ( and shoveling .. damn snow) a few times a week, I have lost 13 lbs in a few weeks just giving up caffeine. I drink a few glasses of soda in a day.. I know, not good at all.  I use to drink diet soda but with the aspartame side effects I stopped ( the effect it had on me will be in another post soon). So I started drinking regular soda, cherry coke, mountain dew…  for the past 4 years I’ve been the same weight.

Over the last few months, I’ve been cutting down on a lot of food. No more snacks when I crochet. No seconds at dinner, no matter how yummy it was. But giving up caffeine was big!

( I didn’t realize cropping would make the picture blurry)

How I gave it up..While in the soda aisle at the grocery store,  I noticed that weight watchers had their own soda. NO caffeine, NO sugars, NO calories, etc. and they had root beer. I picked one up, and what do you know , it tasted like root beer ! After a few days I got over the head aches but I still sneak a small glass of my fiance’s cherry coke one and a while but other than that I’ve been good .

It sucks that soda is cheaper than juice. Which I drink ( cranberry 100% ) but with it being $3+ a bottle  and being on a budget , it stays off my shopping list most weeks. I eat more fruit ( I could live on oranges and white grapes ) , I drink more water ( Fruit 2.0, our tap water is iffy) and salads for lunch.

Cutting back on a few more things and saying no to caffeine, I think I will hit my goal by summer ! 🙂



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