A Year of Projects

YOP week 36: More squares


First I want to apologize for my yucky out side table. My porch has the best light.

A few weeks ago I started my Boston Bruin Blanket. I had trouble deciding on either to make traditional granny squares or solid.   With help of a facebook group I love , I will be making the blanket with solid squares. They will use up a but more yarn but the blanket will be warmer. Here is my progress so far….

bruin blanket 3 bruin blanket 4 bruin blanket 5boston bruin blanket 2

These are squares for the top of the blanket. I ran out of yellow so I started making black squares.

This is the chart I am using .. I am using smaller squares because I don’t need a big blanket.

bruins blanket

I plan to make numbers ( by Moogly) for my favorite team members. I think I can fill up all the big squares around the B.

2 rnd sq- ___of 38 made
4 rnd sq- ___of 1 made
6 rnd sq- 4 of 8 made
8 rnd sq- 2 of 14 made

2 rnd sq- 5 of 14 made
4 rnd sq- ___of 5 made
6 rnd sq- 4 of 12 made
8 rnd sq not needed




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