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Button Project Fail

This week for my Craft Month project I was going to make a button bowl. I saw a picture on Pinterest and thought “I can do that”.

Well it started out fun and then the buttons began slipping down the balloon because of the glue. I guess Elmer’s craft glue isn’t the best to work with but its all I had. 😦

I was so excited to make this button bowl. The one I saw was wicked cute! I have a lot of small buttons I haven’t used and I thought this would be a great project. In my defense , the balloon round up pin didn’t mention why type of glue to use. I really should have some tacky glue on hand. But hey, lesson learned.

I am not giving up that easily though. On my next outing to a craft store I’ll pick up some tacky clue!

here is a link to a button bowl project ( I should of researched some before I started my project )

button fail
I popped the balloon too early 😦

I also tries to make polymer clay button… I plan to invest in a button mold! But these aren’t so bad.

clay buttons
I never claimed to be an

Until next fail time…

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