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Year of Projects List update

Well according to my list I finished one item… the Mario Blanket. My hand written list and the one I have on google drive is totally different. So I updated it. I did spend alot of time making the blanket and with orders .. my etsy shop was sorta busy. ( and now its quiet 😦 )

What did I change?… A few of the Hook Challenge projects didn’t seem appealing to me any more.

I will be starting my wedding dress soon.

Year of Projects 2014 – 2015

redesign all patterns I don’t have retiring

design more patterns


Finish Mario Blanket  done 12/14/14

Finish Lego Blanket


Boston Bruin blanket

Broadway Panel Afghan

For the Home

baskets for the bathroom

Curtains for porch

granny square armrest

rug for porch

Hook Challenge

D- Shabby Chic Granny Square Bag

E- Grey Totoro Amigurumi

F- Striped Chair socks

G- Sophie’s Mandala

H- Cat paws Christmas stocking

I- Crochet stash bag

J- Simple Chunky Fringe scarf

K- Big Bold Chevron Curtain ( for porch)

L- Tunisian finge scarflet

N- Lily pad (rug for porch)

( to see projects – click tab marked Year of Projects in my queue on Ravelry : Sweeterin )





Add new hats and other items to my etsy shop

Make 10 amigurumis

Learn new stitches




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