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Wedding Wednesday: The Wedding Registry!

I was set on not having a wedding registry. I don’t like to be greedy, but dammit, we need stuff..hehe. Jon is leaving everything up to me. Thank you very much.

Since we are not having a reception ( just dinner at our favorite restaurant) I will have to plan a small party for April a week or 2 before the wedding. We have a small apartment so I hope the weather will be nice and warm by April.  Thinking about it, that little outside party ( not a cookout) can be the reception. I really want to shove cake up Jon’s nose 🙂


Even if just 5 people show up it will be worth it.

I didn’t add much to the registry. 27 total with 12 being most wanted. We’ve wanted a waffle maker for sometime now but forgetting to pick one up when ever we go to the store. A charcoal grill would be nice. Back massager for Jon. He does a lot of lifting at work.


I may just delete the list. It still seems a bit greedy to me with out having the proper parties, ect.