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4 Devices You Can Charge Your Kindle Fire With

I am new to the Kindle Fire world. I purchased one for myself on Amazon last week. I can’t stop playing with it! games, books, music, the web and so much more!

One problem I have is getting it charged. Jon ( fiance ) is on the computer at night and the usb holes are usually occupied with his headset and a game controller and its off when we sleep. So using the PC isnt always the best option.  I made a list of a few devices that will charge a Kindle fire for people looking.

PC is an obvious choice. But it takes about 8 hours to charge. A little pop up will let you know that it is a low power device for charging. go figure.

PlayStation 4 is one you may not know about. Jon told me to plug the kindle into the same hole the game controllers plug into. And what to you know, it works. Way faster than the PC. 3-4 hours depending how low the battery is.

Amazon charger. $20 for a charger? seriously? Damn. The Kindle I bought did not come with one so I bought one the other day. I wish I would of waited .

Source: Amazon

Phone charger is one I am really shocked that worked. I have a cheapy tracfone.  I don’t need something over priced. It calls out and I’m able to receive calls…good enough for me. I barely use it anyway. Yesterday I was wondering if my $5 tracfone charger would work with the Kindle. So last night I plugged it into the wall near the couch and plugged my wonderful Kindle Fire in and what do you know, It worked. It was at 72% , didn’t really need to be charged but I was curious. I’m not sure how long it took to charge but its a great option if you aren’t able to access a PS4 or a PC or if you cant afford an Amazon charger.

If you have another option , let me know 🙂