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Weekend Plans…. The hermit needs out!

You need to know something about me…. I hate being bored!

I don’t have a car of my own so I walk to places I need to go… or my wonderful and annoying future hubby brings me ( out of town stuff- places I can’t walk to).  A few days ago Jon said we’d go see the new Hobbit movie ! I love the Hobbit movies. I am so looking forward to this, the 3rd and last movie.

So that’s one item on the agenda.

I have a few hats I need to send out and and a few more hats I need to buy more yarn for… so a trip to Walmart is a must ( a place I can not walk to .. bummer) . While there I need to get Jon’s mother her Christmas present, a hamper with wheels…..shes needs a new one, badly.

And if I have some free time after finishing hats for my customers I need to sew more squares together for Jon’s Mario Blanket. This blanket has taken 6 months . I will be glad when its done.. then I can make either my Totoro blanket ( my neighbor Totoro) or a Boston Bruins blanket for myself…. oh heck I will just make both!

I also need to check in with 2 of the local consignment shops to see if they have room for some of my items. I have a ton of yarn. I was thinking about making hats and boot cuffs and maybe some dolls.

All this should be fun 🙂 I hope you have a great weekend!!