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Wedding Wednesday! Less than 5 months to go!

The Food, cake and favors!

April 25 will be here soon. I am so thankful my fiance (Jon) and I are going small, tiny. Since I’ve been married before , I know the stress that can come with planning and I really don’t want to repeat that.

By now we should have a reception hall booked. But since we are going small we are just going to invite a small group of people to join us at our favorite local restaurant that opened a few months ago. Their food is sooooo good.  Its mostly BBQ ( which I don’t eat) luckily they have fish and chips. ❤

I’m not sure what they have for deserts. Jon and I are usually full. I was thinking about making personalized favors to the friends and family who come out to dinner with us. I found this idea on Buzzfeed.  42 Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Want . My top picks are Shot glasses, Tiny pies in a jar, homemade jam or candy filled mugs.

Since there will be no cake I cant shove cake up my grooms nose, bummer, but then he can’t do it to me either , win!! For me and him I was thinking about buying dome cupcakes from our favorite bakery in Mystic Village (Connecticut), where we are spending our honeymoon.

I think we just saved a few thousand dollars right there. Big weddings are for the birds.. 🙂

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