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Its all coming back to me…if I want it to or not!

For a few weeks now I’ve had an itch. An itch to make jewelry again. I stopped earlier this year to put all my focus on my crochet business. I don’t regret that, I love to crochet.

I was quite good at the jewelry thing. I started in 2006. I lost passion for it in 09 when I lived in Florida. I was mostly focused on my bath and body line. Thats how I payed my rent. I had my stuff at a local boutique that was mainly soaps and such. When she went out of business in August 09 , I couldn’t afford my rent so I lost my apt. ( I talk about that more here ). I was living pay check to  pay check. It sucked!

I got back into jewelry when my mom was diagnosed with Brain Cancer. I made bracelets to raise money to help with travel back and forth from the chemo center she went to which was 45 minutes away from where she lived in Florida. I was in Ma. and  my step dad was a tucker so he wasn’t always home to bring her.  So she relied on her sweet neighbors and a car service .

My popularity faded thanks to facebook and their changes sometime in 2012. I was still making and selling jewelry on Etsy and FB but comments and sales were down . I know I was under selling my work. I like my work to be affordable . I was using beads I bought a few years back since jewelry supplies were a bit on the expensive side and I knew I wouldn’t get what I should of.

So I put all my focus on my crochet business and it really hasn’t payed off. With no car of my own I can’t get to craft fairs so I have to rely on my etsy shop which is profitable during the Halloween season and a few times during the year.

I’ve been playing around with perler beads ( melty beads ) lately . I made Christmas tree earrings and and pendant.All I need to make it a necklace is some chain. And dammit , I don’t have any.. 🙂  So that means I need to take a trip to the jewelry aisle. Walmart is closer than Jo-Ann’s and cheaper.

It sucked me back in. This time I’ll make something different,

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