Wedding Wednesday! The Dress

Since I crochet and we are on a budget I will be making my wedding dress. I do not trust anyone else with it. I was married before ( 9 years ago) my future mother in law asked her sister to make my dress since I couldn’t find one I really liked.

The only thing I knew about this lady was that she made men’s clothes for the war reenactments down south. So I found a pattern from McCalls that I loved . Off the shoulder with  cap and sheer bell sleeves  , floor length with a 2 inch train.

I bought all the materials needed for the dress….

After a half a dozen fittings and 5 months , it was done. I picked up the dress the same day I got my mom from the airport ( the day before the wedding) . My fiance’ s aunt left that morning to go down south. My mom asked to see the dress that night . As I opened the garment bag I noticed that she did not use the blue lace I bought for the bodice.  My fiance was in the Coast Guard and he was wearing his dress uniform and I wanted to match his light blue shirt. Instead of the lace I bought there was some gross off white lace P.O.S. It was also used for the trim for the bottom of the dress. She claimed there wasnt enough of the blue lace. I bought more than enough.  It was the good stuff. I went to a fabric shop .not Jo-anns.  The lady that I asked to help me made dresses for her grandkids.

I put the dress on and again noticed more f*ck ups.

-Zipper instead of the fabric covered buttons I bought.

-the left side where it rested on the shoulder was all scrunched up and the sleeve was too short.

– the back where it was seemed, was slanted . It was straight to about mid thigh and the seem went to the left.

-the right sleeve was too long.

– it was a mess inside. the tread was just cut, not woven in or anything.

After so many fittings you’d think she would know my measurements. I wasn’t able to have a final fitting because she was  “busy” . I didn’t pay her for the horrible dress. she called me immature. my fiance told her he wasn’t going to give her a cent for the mess she made of my dress.

I wish I had pictures or could explain the dress better. I did not wear the dress .

Moving on……Present day….. I found a skirt on and I checked out other peoples projects and found that someone made their wedding dress with the skirt pattern and a tank top pattern by another designer. I am so happy I found the skirt. I’m not a dress person so I hope the dress will look nice on me.

I have to get started soon … our wedding is in 5 months!!!!! 🙂