Lets get organized!! #NaBloPoMo

There is this spot at the end of my hallway that leads up to the neighbors upstairs that I really need to get in order. I am currently using a shoe shelf. Not great for the canvas totes I use for my left over yarn balls.

Last year I bought a shelf that was made for the canvas totes but I use it in the living room near the computer for my printer. It has become an annoying catch all and I hate it. I bought another 2 shelf unit with a door that I want to replace the tall shelf over and move that shelf over to the hallway and remove the shoe shelf completely from the house.

Easier said then done. I over thinking it.

Just move all the crap.

OMG all the clutter and a cat toy!

But there is a lot of crap on these two shelves. And the new unit has yarn and a box of granny squares I am making a blanket with.

I have yarn every where. Full skeins go in the cabinet in case you were wondering. Not much room.

This weekend, since I have nothing to do, but what else is new, I plan on cleaning up all the clutter.

It has to be done.

See ya on Sunday!