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6 Foods

The yummy post.

My 6 favorite dishes…..

#1.. One of my all time favorite dishes to make is Lasagna Roll ups. Its a little messier than plain ol lasagna but its so worth it.

#2… My Uncles Stuffed Green Peppers. He stuffs them with my grandmothers stuffing…. mmmmm

#3.. Beef Stew…. I could live in this . with just a beef stew packet, meat, and veggies, and a crock pot you can make your self a yummy meal!

#4.. Fish and Chips. Being from New England its hard to find people who don’t like fish and chips … My fiance is the only person I know who doesn’t like fish.

#5.. Manhattan Clam Chowda…. yeah I spelled that right… I’m from Massachusetts we don’t pronounce our r’s  Manhattan chowder or red as some people call it is what I grew up on when I went to Rocky Point as a child..( its like 6 flags … but better 🙂  )

#6.. My mother’s meat loaf, with green peppers. It was so good. As a kid I didn’t like green peppers so  I’d pick the peppers out.  Now I love them and I wish my mom was still alive to make the meat  loaf for me. ❤

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