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Man Crush Monday

This week I share with you all my admiration( a more tasteful word  than obsession, )  for Charlie Hunnam!

charlie-hunnamJax from Sons of Anarchy. Lloyd from Undeclared. Raleigh from Pacific Rim ( my fiance’s fave movie.), Pete from Green Street Hooligans,  Nicholas Nickleby  ❤  and many others! He played alot of characters but to me he will always be Jax Teller.

Fun fact: His birthday ( April 10, 1980 ) is the day after mine!!! ( April 9, 1980). Ok so its only a fun fact to me  🙂

Have you noticed he looks a bit like Travis Fimmel from Vikings (also an awesome show!)No relation, Ive checked!


Bonus Man Crush…….. Damn those eyes.. they get me every time!