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8 Movies

So we’ve made it a full week 🙂  Yay!

This post is about 8 movies. I thought about what movies I should mention, should it be 8 movies I haven’t seen, 8 that I have see, 8 I don’t want to see…. should they be from the same director, have the same actor/ actress in the movie. I’m an 80’s girl, so I chose to list 8 movies I love from the 80’s.

8. Overboard

7. Gorillas in the Mist

6. Dirty Dancing80s-2

5. Weekend at Bernie’s

4. The Great Outdoors

3. The Legend of Billie Jean

2. Sixteen Candles

1. The Breakfast Club

According to IMDb there are 30,713 titles . Choosing only 8 was a very hard task. I think my list is over 1,000 . There are a lot I never heard of or didn’t like. I picked the 8 I can watch over and over again. BTW, This list has been revised about 15 times 🙂


2 thoughts on “8 Movies”

  1. Since “Breakfast Club” is number one in your list, I would like to mention about a movie called “Perfect Pitch.” It’s a 2012 movie. There is a character in the movie who loves Breakfast Club (it is his best movie of all times) and Billy Idol’s “Don’t you forget about me” song has a significance in it.
    If you hadn’t watched it, I would like to recommend it.
    Thank you for choosing the 80’s movies at the 8th day of NaBloPoMo!


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