Things you need to know …


about me. This should of been my first post of November. oh well.

If you are a first time reader and have no idea who I am… here a few things you might want to know.

My name is Erin.

I’m getting married in April 2015.

My hubby to be is a gamer.

We have one cat.. Stormy.

I’m a hooker….  no, not that kind of hooker… I crochet . Its my job. One nickname for a person who crochets is a hooker since we use crochet HOOKS .

I like doing laundry. No seriously, I do.

I’m a Masshole. Born and bred in Massachusetts.

I’m an 80’s girl. I love Rainbow Brite and My Little Pony.

Fave sports team- Boston Bruins

Favorite class in school- Lunch. That wasn’t a class? fine! English I guess.

Dislikes- socks… I’ll wear sandals until its snows! , doing dishes and vacuuming, waking up before the sun, the color yellow, and after making 15 + Edith Inspired ( Despicable me ) hats for customers, the color Pink.

Please introduce yourself  in the comments 🙂