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Happy November


Ahhh November…. One of my favorite months. Its hoodie weather. 🙂 I love hoodies!

I lived in Florida off and on for a few years. Every November I was still in shorts and t shirts. Too warm for a hoodie. I hated it. I moved back to New England 6 years ago and I am so happy I get to wear my comfy hoodie and not look silly.

I’ve had my red hoodie for about 9 years now… it still fits and I love it.

Okay enough of the weird stuff… Back to November. Leaves changing color, My oldest brother , younger cousin and little sister and middle niece were born in November and my second favorite holiday resides in this month.. Thanksgiving ( Halloween being my 1st.) . I’m not a big fan of turkey but on this occasion I’ll eat it until I explode. My grandmother’s stuffing was amazing. And its a family secret.. hehe. I mastered it last year. I think my gram would be proud.

For the past 5 Turkey day years ,my boyfriend and I have made our own Thanksgiving dinners. Mostly Italian food.  This years dinner is still up in the air.  Maybe Chinese or something gluten – free. ( evil smirk ) . Any suggestions?

One thing is for sure… we will make a mess and I will be the one who cleans it up. grrrr. But the dinner will be made with love… too sappy?

I hope you liked my first post for NaBloPoMo.

I can’t believe I wrote about my hoodie. (face palm).