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10649093_10152652554704299_1892699931611470474_o With Halloween orders done and shipped out I can get back to something I love just as much as crocheting.. writing. Its time to continue my journey to be a children’s author. I haven’t touched my book for my second lesson in over a month. My correspondence school ( SCI- Stratford Career Institute ) is “worried ” since they haven’t heard from me in a while.  I have to send in my 3rd exam, oh and I wrote my writing exam in just under 10 minutes and haven’t touched it since. I was very busy with hats. Now I have to find the notebook my scene is in and type it up and send it out,and get my A+ 🙂  fingers and toes crossed. A good way to practice my writing is with National Novel Writing Month.  I plan on finishing a story for the past few years and get disappointed when I am unable to finish. In no way do I expect I will be able to write 50,000 words in one months but I an sure try for half 🙂 nanowrimo1

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