Sharing my life, Wedding Bound

8 months to go!

I do have other things on my brain other than crochet. At the moment I can’t think what they are though.

Looking around my apartment, cleaning would be good.  🙂 My fiance is a bit of a messy guy. There’s a game controller on the floor, his slippers are smack dab in the middle of the living room.I am guessing he couldn’t find the laundry basket this morning before work because a shirt of his is on the arm of the couch, and the computer desk could use a little dusting ( his responsibility) , ooo change. : happy dance:

Speaking of fiance, we only have 8 months until I drag him down the short aisle at city hall. I have to keep him away from his precious computer for an entire I don’t think his Wildstar guild will survive! Then there’s the honey moon… that’s 4 days long! oi!

Our wedding is mostly little touches. I tried to come up with a theme that would suit both of us. He’s a gamer and I’m a hooker (crocheter) who likes Mario games, ie Super Mario’s 3-D world, Mario Kart …. and he likes them too so I came up with a Mario/gamer – ish theme.  Like I said, our wedding is mostly little touches. Its a small event so no tux, Jon would look weird any way, so I am buying him a pixel tuxedo shirt I found on etsy. His “boutonniere” is going to be a Link action figure…. If I can find one. And our cake topper will look something like this (<< Pinterest link ).

My hubby to be thinks I am planning this BIG wedding. But I too don’t want a big wedding . Something low key but fun. We are saving so much money not having a reception. ( all the more money to be spent on our honeymoon in … Salem ,MA) .

Yes. I said Salem , MA. We like to learn stuff. We aren’t resort people. Salem has a bunch of museums. And since Jon has NEVER been to the Boston Aquarium , I thought it would be a nice surprise if I planned for us to spend a day there.

More later. My butt is now numb… I must get off it.


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