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Blogger to WordPress

Ive spent years on blogger. Everything I’ve ever written is on blogger. I know blogger like the back of my hand. I recently read a blog (on wordpress) that said Google can delete blogs if they choose to. That is not okay with me! I started a blog here so I could talk about other things than my crochet business. Hence the name ” My life beyond the yarn, hooks and looms. ” I realized I don’t Β have much of a life .. [ insert sad laugh here ] .

My business is a big part of my life so If I want to talk about it, I will! πŸ™‚

I think I am going to make the big move to wordpress. Trying to keep up with more than one blog is a pain. I’ll put both to a test first. Who ever get more readers wins πŸ™‚






1 thought on “Blogger to WordPress”

  1. I tend to just go to the link you post but if I’ve the option I’ll use the wordpress link. I switched some two years ago from blogger to wordpress and I love it, I wouldn’t switch back


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