Diet and Exercise

So far so good- ish

My boyfriend doesn’t seen to know what the word no means. He is in no form following the 21 day challenge. At home I feed him the good stuff, but at work he can buy chips and soda, and whatever else he can get his hands on.

I am doing pretty good. I haven’t had any chips , or pastries,. but soda is my weakness. I have a bottle of water a day and a glass or 2 of soda. I seem to be addicted to caffeine. ย I gave it up for 2 days and ! had a massive headache.

for snacks I either eat salads or an orange or popcorn(weight watchers)ย . Last night I bought a few Smart ones meals. 6 for $10 isn’t bad. I will be buying more. must make room in freezer first. ๐Ÿ™‚ bye bye boyfriend’s ice cream!

oh and I can fit in to a pair of jeans I could fit into a few weeks ago!! yay me!!

Sharing my life

Erin’s 14 14’s of 2014

Here is my list…

Non crochet related…..

1. Blog more. 14 post a month. finish 14 blog challenges this year.

2. 14 new poems

3. 14 ideas for NaNoWriMo

4. lose 14 lbs every 3 months.

5. spend at least 14 days visiting with family this year.

6. go to the movies/ out to dinner with boyfriend 14 times

7. organize 14 spots in our apartment

Crochet goals

1. make items for my Erin’s Hats for Hope: RI group.

14 scarfs, 14 hats, 14 wash cloths, 14 pairs of mittens

2. make 14 chemo caps every 2 months for my Halos of Hope New England ย team.

3. Create 14 new crochet and loom knit patterns.

4. sell 14 items in local consignment shops.

5. make and sell 14 new items in my etsy shop ( other than the same ol stuff)

6. make 14 amigurumi items.

7. make 14 crochet corner videos. ( its just a little tutorial about me teaching my readers how to crochet)

Diet and Exercise

The same old resolution

The diet….

My boyfriend and I both have committed in doing the 21 day challenge. I’m not in to cookies or other sweets as much as he is . But chips and soda might be hard for me to give up …. I do have flavored water and crackers so ย I think I will be all good… Today was my first day.

Weekly updates will follow. ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment if you will also be going this challenge ๐Ÿ™‚