Diet and Exercise

So far so good- ish

My boyfriend doesn’t seen to know what the word no means. He is in no form following the 21 day challenge. At home I feed him the good stuff, but at work he can buy chips and soda, and whatever else he can get his hands on.

I am doing pretty good. I haven’t had any chips , or pastries,. but soda is my weakness. I have a bottle of water a day and a glass or 2 of soda. I seem to be addicted to caffeine.  I gave it up for 2 days and ! had a massive headache.

for snacks I either eat salads or an orange or popcorn(weight watchers) . Last night I bought a few Smart ones meals. 6 for $10 isn’t bad. I will be buying more. must make room in freezer first. 🙂 bye bye boyfriend’s ice cream!

oh and I can fit in to a pair of jeans I could fit into a few weeks ago!! yay me!!

Sharing my life

Erin’s 14 14’s of 2014

Here is my list…

Non crochet related…..

1. Blog more. 14 post a month. finish 14 blog challenges this year.

2. 14 new poems

3. 14 ideas for NaNoWriMo

4. lose 14 lbs every 3 months.

5. spend at least 14 days visiting with family this year.

6. go to the movies/ out to dinner with boyfriend 14 times

7. organize 14 spots in our apartment

Crochet goals

1. make items for my Erin’s Hats for Hope: RI group.

14 scarfs, 14 hats, 14 wash cloths, 14 pairs of mittens

2. make 14 chemo caps every 2 months for my Halos of Hope New England  team.

3. Create 14 new crochet and loom knit patterns.

4. sell 14 items in local consignment shops.

5. make and sell 14 new items in my etsy shop ( other than the same ol stuff)

6. make 14 amigurumi items.

7. make 14 crochet corner videos. ( its just a little tutorial about me teaching my readers how to crochet)

Diet and Exercise

The same old resolution

The diet….

My boyfriend and I both have committed in doing the 21 day challenge. I’m not in to cookies or other sweets as much as he is . But chips and soda might be hard for me to give up …. I do have flavored water and crackers so  I think I will be all good… Today was my first day.

Weekly updates will follow. 🙂

Comment if you will also be going this challenge 🙂