Sharing my life

3 years already?

I am still saddened by the lose of my friend Randy. He could be a butthead sometimes but he made up for it with his humor. I met Randy summer 2006 in New Bedford , Ma. We met through a mutual friend at a hangout spot we went to every weekend.

It is hard for me to write about him with out tearing up…. he was a good friend to me. He was there when I needed him with out asking. in Aug.2009 I lost my apartment and had to live in my car. When Randy found out ( he was also living in florida at the time) he and a friend of his drove 2 hours to get me . He told me I would be staying with him. saying no was not an option. About a week later we decided to move back up to MA . After a few months we lost touch.

When his ex girlfriend ( also a friend of mine) told me he was shot in N.C , I was beyond shocked. To this day I don’t know all the details and I don’t want to. I just want to remember how he lived.  I will always remember you Randy pandy 🙂


Randy sticking his head up the giraffe's butt.
Randy sticking his head up the giraffe’s butt. South of the Border SC on our way back up to MA, in 09

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